Top Ten Squirrel facts

Returning to our regular series about various animals, next up: squirrels.

As usual, weʼre getting a random mixture of ‘facts’ that are at least looking reasonable, some things that might actually even be true, and of course some totally outrageous claims, too. Previously, GPT-J had already claimed that giraffes aren’t waterproof, now it seems that the same thing is supposed to be true for squirrels, too.

The Top Ten facts about squirrels you'd never have guessed: 10. They are not waterproof. Squirrels (there are around 30 species) are considered to be city creatures and are much more comfortable in cities than in the countryside. When a squirrel moves into a new habitat, it may have to learn the habits of the new place. If it is not smart enough to know that it does not have to go outside at night, it can get stuck in your basement or even in your attic. 9. Hibernation affects them. Squirrels are mammals, which means that they have a biological clock, but unlike mammals, they do not hibernate. If squirrels hibernate for five or six months at a time, they would be back in the woods almost a full year after they had left. They would have to eat during the summer months. It would be very difficult to obtain the same amount of food from the wild. It would be lonely living on the tree tops, even if you had neighbours living in them. There would be a lot of disease from other animals like mice, as well as from other squirrels. 8. Squirrels are social. Squirrels are social animals and will live in groups. When they are in the same area, they will play with each other. If they all get into trouble, they will help each other out. Squirrels are characters. They are highly adaptable and will learn how to fit into new surroundings. 7. They are fast. Squirrels are agile, and fast. They can make their homes in any small crevice or tunnel. If the weather is nice, they can run like the wind. Sometime they run on one foot, and at other times they run on all fours. Squirrels are well adapted to running on their hind legs, instead of on their forelegs. Squirrels can run up to 15 miles per hour. They can turn around in their tracks and jump back at you. 6. They are escape artists. Squirrels not only live in the wild, but also in apartments and garages. If they find themselves in an enclosed space, they will find a way to get out. If the squirrel is in the trees, they will use the tree branches as a ladder. If the squirrel is on the ground, it will use branches as a tunnel. 5. Squirrels teach. Squirrels teach each other many things. There are no squirrel mothers. All babies are born after a gestation period of two months. Squirrels are smart, and they always do their own thing. Squirrels will learn by watching others. Squirrels are very curious and will approach any object to find out if it is something good to eat. 4. Squirrels are good swimmers. Squirrels are good swimmers. A squirrel can dive into the water and swim for about six miles without coming out. They can hold their breath for 15 to 30 minutes. Squirrels can swim and climb trees at the same time. They can dive into a pool and come up on the other side. 3. Squirrels live for years. Squirrels live for up to 15 years. Some squirrels will live up to 20 years. Squirrels can reach sexual maturity at 12 months. Squirrels can be born pregnant at 9 years old. Squirrels have good vision. Squirrels can see objects 10,000 times better than humans can. 2. Squirrels are smart. Squirrels are intelligent. They can mimic sounds. They play with toys. Squirrels will teach each other what they know. Squirrels are helpful. They will bring nuts back to share. Squirrels will climb into your car and get into your food. Squirrels are very clever. They know how to use sticks to get food. They will know that you have a nut or seed, and they will come in for a treat. 1. Squirrels are playful. Squirrels are playful, and their playfulness makes them love to play with each other. They love to play tag. They enjoy running through the fields and rolling in the snow. Squirrels have the ability to leap long distances. Squirrels are extremely curious. They are playful animals. They will play with just about anything they can find.