Music: Week Ending closing signature tune Announcer (m): And that is the end of this edition of Week Ending. In which you heard the voices of David Jason, Bill Wallis, David Tate, and Sheila Steafel, and the music of the David Furman Trio. The script was written by Guy Jenkin, John Langdon, Richard Quick, Max Alcock, Roger Waddis, Gayle Renard, Tom Magee Englefield, Michael Maholey and Celia Gouge, Richard Andrews, Chris Miller, Phillip Monarch, Arnold Brown, Graham Deykin, Sandra Pronger, Colin Bostock Smith, Chris Pryer, Rob Buckman and Trevor Adams, Peter Spence, John Lason, Reginald Withers, Gavin Osborne, Max Alcock, Andy Hamilton, George Fall, Mike Lansley and Keith Long, Adam Smith Adams, Simon Rose, Barry Pilton, Peter Hickey, Manny Curtis, Alistair Beaton, and Max Alcock. With additional material by Chris Scotsby, Clark Crowder and Clarence Crawley, Steve Sherman, Shaun Sarchey and Stella Shore, As Brinsley and Gus Dudgeon, Andy Kilmary Foot, Stan Gurnhill, Dorothy Grott Davis, Ian Lomax and Amanda Throtch, Lorry Louken, Lorence Lazenby, Lou Lana Laxative, Son, and Lenny Lo, Andy Scott Higgis, Mike Gerbils, Gordon Stretch, Frank Gayboy and Les Curbis, Fred Stupes, the Earl of Lichfield and Harry Carpenter, Hymie Blue, Chris Gonad and Anwar Gaddafi, Elvis Throbb, Ernie Spicketts-Hathaway and Nina McGallsips-Clarker, Sue Bosanquet, Joe Ruskin, Pete Ledouanny O'Ruso and Eddie Hot, Rog Snake, Rick Macdonald, Sam Quack, Alf Alfer and John Biffin, Sid Propskin Baylies, Tudor Drott, Wally Skirfield and the Isley Brothers, Andy Pope, ... (fades out) Music: down & out