Continuity Announcer (f): Well, now it's high time for Radio Four to close down, as we present a programme especially for listeners who strongly dislike wacky forms of humour, so we present Not The Burkiss Way. Music: [???] Presenter (m, slight Scottish accent): Good evening, and welcome to 'Tonight' er, introduced by me, the obscure Scottish one, who only does it for the suit allowance. Later on in our special holidays spot, Joan Bakewell will be showing you some interesting things to do around the middle of April - and April will be showing you some interesting things to do 'round the middle of Joan Bakewell. But first er, here with me on this enormous circular podium in the studio, I have the celebrated explorer and [ruffiage ??] fan, leader of the recent British Himalayan Hurt-Yourself-Expedition, and author of the bestselling book 'Mrs. Mills The Hard Way' - from deepest anoraks, Doug Healthy. Doug Healthy (m): Hello. Presenter: Hello. I believe you have in fact just completed claiming Everest the hard way. Doug Healthy: Yes, that is correct, yes, yes. Presenter: Perhaps you would like to tell us about it? Doug Healthy: Yes well, we started from Nepal with fifteen sherpas, sidestep, three kicks, turn, kick then gliiide, and establish camp one. Presenter: Mmmm. Doug Healthy: Then, it was kick, turn, kick, turn, a short routine on [tap ?], and the [???] pointing at the summit. Presenter: I see, I, I believe at in fact this was the first expedition Lionel Blair had planned for you. Doug Healthy: Yes, yes, yes. Yes. It was a lovely routine, very very inventive. Presenter: Did the terrain cause special problems to the choreography? Doug Healthy: Ohh, only completely, yes. Presenter: Well, thank you very much, Doug, that's all we've got time for. Dennis.