The Burkiss Way

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If you’re wondering what The Burkiss Way is, a brief and not wholly inaccurate description would be to call it some sort of Monty Python transported to the radio. It was a sketch show that ran on BBC Radio 4 between 1976 and 1980 and contained lots of absurd and surrealistic humour combined with a boatful of parodies. Others have written more eloquently about it, so I just refer you to them here:

This page is mainly intended for holding my transcripts of various Burkiss Way episodes, so you can more easily check which episode a famous personality hailing from Croydon appeared for the first time in, find out just what Mr. Different Adams saw comedy as, or just generally refresh your memory which episode contained your favourite sketch. It’s still very much a work-in-progress, though, but that’s no reason not to enjoy what’s already there.

If after reading all of this (or some of the transcripts) you’d like to actually listen to the Burkiss Way for yourself, you can find episodes in various places:

So enough with the introduction now, and ☞︎ this way along to the transcripts.