Star Trek TNG episode summaries

Taking an inspiration from Ryan North’s Star Trek GPT-NG experiments, I tried to see what sort of ficticious Star Trek TNG episodes GPT-J would be able to come up with.

For some reason or other, it very soon decided to start generating this set of episodes with hard linebreaks of about 80 characters. It also proceeded to enforce some sort of maximum length for each episode summary, and would often break off even mid-sentence. I subsequently generated additional content for those episodes to properly complete those sentences.

Star Trek TNG episode summaries: Season 5, Episode 6: The Chase: Title: The Chase Airdate: 27 October 1994 A second science team from the Phoenix is also investigating the black hole planet and they find Landru's artifact. Captain Picard and Data want to grab the artifact before the navy does, but Commander Riker and the Enterprise crew want to use Geordi's energy field to protect it. It's up to the Enterprise's original former captain, Captain Kirk, and his old first officer, Spock, to decide what to do. The Enterprise navigates the nebula surrounding the black hole, and the ship is enveloped in a giant fog of energy that disrupts their sensor readings. Season 5, Episode 5: Journey's End: Title: Journey's End Airdate: 18 September 1994 Captain Picard and Data are going to try to learn more about the artifact that was discovered on the black hole planet. Data has discovered some interesting information about aliens. Meanwhile, some people are trying to find out what the Enterprise crew are doing. Captain Kirk, Spock, and the original first officer and science officer of the Enterprise, Mr. Spock, decide to use their original battles cenarios from the 23rd century to get Data to reveal the truth. They try trying to trick him, but to no avail. Season 5, Episode 4: The Changeling: Title: The Changeling Airdate: 11 September 1994 Captain Picard and his crew are investigating an alien artifact and a strange black hole planet. When they discover a new life form, Captain Kirk decides to take the Enterprise away from the black hole planet. The Enterprise is damaged and Captain Picard and his crew are sent back to the past they just came from. Riker is uneasy about using the Federation translators, but Captain Picard insists they have no other choice. But soon, Picard begins to feel uneasy about the situation. He teams up with his friend, Commander Riker, and the two set out to search for the truth about this black hole planet. Season 5, Episode 3: Encounter at Farpoint: Title: Encounter at Farpoint Airdate: 04 September 1994 Everyone on the Enterprise remembers what happens when their ship goes past the black hole into the galaxy, and all of them have differing reactions. Captain Picard wants to go back to the past, but Captain Kirk and his original first officer, Mr. Spock, continue to the far reaches of space. Captain Picard discovers that Harry Mudd has been causing massive destruction, and he is taken to completed warp speed by Scotty. The Enterprise is scattered amongst the stars, as is the fates of Captain Picard and the ill-fated Benecia. Season 5, Episode 2: Shades of Gray: Title: Shades of Gray Airdate: 25 August 1994 Captain Picard and his crew realize that they have to deal with the effects of being in the past. Picard and Dr. Crusher go to the library to find out what sort of lives they led before arriving in the past. Mr. Spock uses the transporter to take the Enterprise crew to a total'scape, but when they arrive, they find themselves in a wasteland with only an ice planet nearby. The Enterprise crew recover from this time and go back into the Time-Shroud. Season 5, Episode 1: The Emancipation of 1: Title: The Emancipation of 1 Airdate: 18 August 1994 The Enterprise arrives in our future after a large number of previous crash landings begin playacting out with different crew members. Using the presence of Ambassador Spock's space-time, Captain Picard and the crew commence a search through the past for their first officer, but several times, the Enterprise crashes into the part of the past that the crew moves to. Season 5, Episode 8: Perchance to Dream: Title: Perchance to Dream Airdate: 05 July 1994 Data and the rest of the Enterprise crew are de-aging to see what their experiences may be like in the future. They arrive in the body of an Emperor's courtier with a farewell speech from the Emperor and head off for Earth. When everyone gets to Earth, they decide to become Klingons. The Enterprise crew go to the investment fund captain's quarters and decide specifically what they want to take for a living. Picard buys a diner and gives it to Data and Geordi. Wesley buys a laboratory and gives it to Lore and Nicole. Season 5, Episode 7: The Schizoid Man: Title: The Schizoid Man Airdate: 26 June 1994 The Enterprise suspects that a Klingon criminal is planning an attack on Earth. The station commander sends Worf to arrest Commander Worf to see if he acts the part. Worf does not rise to the level expected, and he must face the Enterprise's original first officer, Captain Kirk. Season 5, Episode 6: The Child: Title: The Child Airdate: 19 June 1994 A deep space probe, The Child, transports Professor Troi and a replicator-enhanced android, Robby, to a small planet where they will cause a plague that will destroy the whole planet. The Enterprise is also going to investigate, and an android-loving Captain Kirk, Worf, and the original first officer, Spock, are going to take them out. Season 5, Episode 5: Improbable Cause: Title: Improbable Cause Airdate: 12 June 1994 When the Enterprise investigates a star explosion, everyone on board disagrees about the results. An alien assembler has built herself a body wonderfully similar to the body Captain Kirk possessed. In need of medical help, she travels to the Enterprise and demands that they take her and a space-covered planet to a farmer's planet, where she can be repaired. Captain Kirk refuses, but the Enterprise crew considers following the alien's wishes. Season 5, Episode 4: Ménage à Troi: Title: Ménage à Troi Airdate: 25 May 1994 Riker and Ambassador Spock have an uncomfortable encounter with Guinan during their search for Commander Worf. Worf is banished, and journeys away to find the true holder of Worf's memory circuits, where he finds the Reverend M'Benga, a Romulan man that was Professor Troi's teacher at the science academy. Doctor Crusher is assigned to repair Guinnan, who grows to regret the situation. Picard faces a dilemma when he is informed that there is no readily available replacement for the Ambassador. Season 5, Episode 3: The Survivors: Title: The Survivors Airdate: 11 May 1994 The Enterprise finds the remnants of an Edgar Allen Poe ship and everything that went with it. When a group of crew members tries to go home, they make a time vortex of their own and end up in space. Season 5, Episode 2: Catwalk: Title: Catwalk Airdate: 04 May 1994 A member of the Enterprise's away team, Marla McGivers, meets and falls in love with Captain Kirk. Marla's father, Jonathan, has recently announced that he, too, is madly in love with Captain Kirk, and even though Kirk and Picard are romantically involved, they adamantly refuse to become involved with one another's women. In order to prevent an inter-galactic Shakespearean war, Picard and Kirk finally agree to be the guardians of Marla, who is given the code name Tracy for her first mission as an Interstellar Messenger. Season 5, Episode 1: Inherit the Wind: Title: Inherit the Wind Airdate: 20 April 1994 The Enterprise, having failed to investigate the strange alien space ship, is brought back to Earth. When the Enterprise is in a position to attack the ship, it does, but Captain Kirk lets them go, as it's not his ship. Captain Kirk and Picard request permission to acquire a Klingon battle cruiser to be held in Romulan space, but the Romulans refuse Kirk's request. However, they agree to allow the captain to borrow the ship for a transporter test. Season 4, Episode 11: Assignment: Earth: Title: Assignment: Earth Airdate: 03 December 1993 Captain Picard visits Earth to meet the President, who has been overruled by a group of citizens calling themselves the Enterprise Citizens. While Picard's visit to Earth is unofficial, he is not allowed to convince the populace that he is on a Federation mission; the citizens look to him as a Starfleet captain. Before he can convince them otherwise, the Enterprise citizens launch a coup, and a new leader, "Shep" Sheppard, is elected. Season 4, Episode 10: Who Watches the Watchers?: Title: Who Watches the Watchers? Airdate: 26 November 1993 The Enterprise, on a routine away mission, runs into a mysterious crew and an ugly black hole. Saavik, who doesn't trust the Enterprise's original captain, Spock, as she once did, is determined to protect the Federation and make sure nothing happens to the Earth. Season 4, Episode 9: Farewell, My Lovely: Title: Farewell, My Lovely Airdate: 19 November 1993 The Enterprise investigates a substance that has some of the proprieties of a black hole. Things get a little weird for Scotty, and he's decided to tell Chekov to quit. Season 4, Episode 8: The Perfect Mate: Title: The Perfect Mate Airdate: 12 November 1993 The Enterprise is on a science mission to discover why two galaxies are colliding and what will happen to them. Season 4, Episode 7: Fair Haven: Title: Fair Haven Airdate: 11 November 1993 Picard is suspicious of a ship's captain who is having an affair with his first officer. His suspicions are correct, and he tries to have that man arrested by the captain of the starship Enterprise. Season 4, Episode 6: The Shot: Title: The Shot Airdate: 05 November 1993 The Enterprise and the starship Defiant are on a mission to rescue a teacher who has made an error. After the two vessels enter a strange substance, Commander Riker finds he has accidentally shot the teacher with his phaser. Season 4, Episode 5: Data's Day: Title: Data's Day Airdate: 26 October 1993 The Enterprise comes across a strange planet, the seventh of the baradius-7 world, that seems to have been built up from parts of other planets. Data and Captain Picard go investigating, and as they are entering the planet's atmosphere, they find themselves caught inside of the planet's gravity well.

For a little bonus, I then tried something based on this. I have to admit that the original is probably still the better completion, but somewhat like GPT-J’s take on it, too:

Star Trek: The Next Generation episode summaries: Series 4 Episode 12: It's All In a Day's Kirk: Summary: With Picard gone, Kirk is left to captain the Enterprise on his own, and the ship's crew becomes consumed with proving Kirk is still the best Starfleet pilot in the fleet. The Enterprise is sent on a mission where Kirk plans to stay on a planet called Altaria in hopes of convincing an ancient alien race known as the Kobali to join the Federation. While Kirk's presence alone is enough for the Kobali to agree to join the Federation, the Enterprise crew find that Kirk is actually an impostor in an attempt to fool the Kobali. Meanwhile, the crew on the Enterprise work very hard to prove that Kirk is still the best captain the ship has ever seen.