More Christmas fad toy predictions

For Christmas 2021, Janelle Shane of the AI Weirdness blog generated a list of possible future Christmas toy fads. I’m not sure how well GPT-J would have fared on this task completely from scratch, but when given Janelle’s completed results, it generated a suitably weird set of predictions for the rest of the century:

These are the new fad toys that are predicted to be the next hot thing for a coming Christmas: 2022: French stick Artisanally crafted, wooden, low-fat stick made from potatoes or vegetables, thin enough to fit in a toaster. 2023: Watchamacallit Light purple, furry-logic toy with smiley mouth, one 'horn' and a tape recorder on its back that dishes out self-proclaimed facts non-stop. 2024: Banana A fruit-sizes music player. Makes any digital music sound like banana-shaped music. 2030: Power Ties Thin piece of metal clothing accessory that heats people in whom they are embedded and creates a personal force field. 2037: Kitela Cloud-based, artificially intelligent program that helps users maximize their mental acuity through games, lectures, and the integration of mental programs with a network of billions of other Kitelas. 2048: Smart tweed Unisex woolen coat smart enough to choose an outfit for its owner, coordinate with their smartphone, and access their daily Andreality. 2049: Social Media Shows you with dark, neon-colored face that tells you what to eat, what you should do, what you should say, what you should think, and who you should date. 2053: Wraped-around vodka Tiny alcohol cube one-third the size of a credit-card that absorbs empty vodka bottles and produces micro-grapes. 2070: No-Drop Paint 5-ounce can of white paint with a magnet on its inside that cancels out paint spills and stains. 2071: Magpafriend Plantable microchip-containing membrane-type pet for domesticated dogs and cuddly preying felines. 2075: Solar blanket Cloth-like outer layer of renewable, self-charging blanket to cover mattresses and furniture during the day to clean up without dirtying hands or clothes. 2077: Hygiene headphones Small, red headphone horn to remove toilet smells with special sonic waves capable of cutting through 17x the amount of surface bacteria than a regular can of air freshener. 2078: Chemically dependent plants Specialized plant tissue cultures that require a drug-like mix of vials of plant growth hormones and green makeup called clinoropyto. 2083: Magic Ball Round, paper ball containing secret letter written by magician or associate that predicts the outcome of any event or bet. 2084: Name the Tune Voice-activated computerized karaoke system that forces users to sing songs as they are reading the lyrics onscreen. 2085: Lube Ear Round, paper disc in the shape of an ear that is soaked in special Lube Lube medicated glue. 2086: Synth Flypaper Unsticky, temporary adhesive mat that rapidly absorbs anything that falls on it, such as big messes, coins, or valuable personal possessions. 2091: Moodcloth Colorful lightweight textile-like object that swings at night to aid sleep. Pops open to let air circulate at its center to stimulate dreams and calm anxiety and lightens even the heaviest sleepers' hearts. 2092: Helmetoh Way to find any good motorcycle or touring gear to wear a motorcycle helmet. 2097: Bloodletting machine Self-sucking, needle-shaped tube made from proteins in the walls of red blood cells, that cuts away waste products without removing blood. 2098: Silent coma Disposable head covers equipped with headphones that act as noise-canceling earplugs that cover listener's ears and drain blood from the brain to ensure restful, uninterrupted sleep. 2100: Mobile pet 3-inch, flesh-colored knuckle is given out at random on homeless people who are reported by authorities to be searching for food. 2101: Personal timeline Phone that photographs everything that happens at each minute of each day in a summary timeline for posterity. 2102: Wax deodorant Buttery scented deodorant-shaped stick that works with the body's natural odor-proofing to leave a fresh, clean odor for twenty-four hours. 2103: Pocketbike Racing-style bicycle with a narrow handlebar, rear suspension with full-compression shocks, and a 12-spoke alloy wheel. 2104: Babbling finger Fingertip that speaks in a child-like voice, including repeated statements and questions, to babies and toddlers. Can also baby-sit pets and operate remotes. 2106: Sesameine Smooth, dark and sheen-like hard candy-like substance that forms three distinct flavors when presented with peppermint, vanilla, or grape jelly flavorings. 2107: Keychain stressor Round, puzzle-shaped, finger-size problem solving device that emits stress from electromagnetic emitters hidden inside it, such as when the user's keychain catches on something and is tugged on. 2108: Action floor polish Non-flammable, solvent-free, and water-based spray that uses a combination of high-energy and low-energy magnetic ions to remove stains for floors and furniture. 2110: Music tutor Downloadable program that automatically picks out and plays melodies, helps users become familiar with thousands of tunes, and filters out songs so that they only hear those that they can sing along to. 2111: Canvas travel toothbrush Dong-shaped toothbrush with a built-in dental hygienist made from chemically treated canvas, patent-pending design that removes 10x the plaque than a traditional toothbrush with a brush head over two-inches in diameter. 2113: Wallpaper cane Paper stick available in many of the world's popular paper styles that allows users to access doorways, windows, and closets without touching their wall. 2114: Smart log Collection of minutely detailed articles on how things work, how things are constructed, how things were created, where they came from, and how to replicate them, but in a more functional, less time-consuming, less expensive fashion. 2116: Live danger pointer Head-mounted, real-time near-infrared (see-through) laser pointer powered by sound waves that shines a laser beam into a user's field of vision to warn of nearby moving objects.